28./29.06.2017 – Groundswell No-Till Show

Am 28. und 29.06.2017 findet auf der Lannock Farm, Weston, England die Groundswell No-Till Show statt.


Das Organisationsteam um John, Paul und Alex Cherry steckt in Vorbereitungen für ein umfangreiches und interessantes Vortrag- und Felddemonstrationsprogramm. Die Teilnehmer unserer diesjährigen GKB-Fachexkursion dürfen sich über den Besuch der Farm ca. 1 Woche vorher freuen.

Originaltext der Einladung

We’ve been busy planting the spring crops, barley, wheat, oats and beans on the farm, but preparations for Groundswell No-Till Show are in full swing. The enthusiasm we have received so far for our 2-day format, with a dedicated Grass-Fed Day in partnership with our friends at the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association has been really positive. We are looking forward to having the additional day to hear speakers, seminars and watch demonstrations dedicated to helping put livestock back on the land.

Preparation for the No-Till Day cover crop demonstration field is well underway. We had three drill dates with different drills which will be an interesting experiment in terms of establishment. The first was with the Simtech Aitchison T-Sem with double coil tine-mounted inverted ‘T’ coulters. The second was with the John Deere 750A and the third was with the Weaving GD. There are three seed mixes in the ground, supplied from our cover crop partner Kings. The first, the Vitality mix consists of Oil Radish, Oats, Strigosa Oats, Phacelia, Berseem Clover and Vetch, the Economy Power Mix consists of Oil Radish and Oats and the Siletta Nova Oil Radish soon after. After a very dry April we were happy to receive a sprinkling of rain last night, which hopefully will kick things off.

We will be announcing the final speaker and demonstration schedule soon. The full list of speakers is listed online, some of the headliners will be speaking on both days, albeit with talks in tune with the focus of each day.
We hope you’re as excited as we are to see so many fascinating pillars of the global sustainable agriculture community under one barn roof.


Dr. Christine Jones (Aus)
A once in a lifetime opportunity to see a soil ecologist who offers a fresh, inspiring perspective on the pressing worldwide challenge of restoring topsoil.


David Montgomery and Anne Biklé (USA)
Renowned authors of ‘The Hidden Half of Nature’ and ‚Dirt- The Erosion of Civilisations‘ their perspective on the soil will be life.

Keep an eye on our blog for updates from our drill demonstrators, outlining the machinery they’ll be testing out on the No-Till Day (29th) and our Twitter for daily speaker updates and event news.

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can do so here.

Many thanks,

John, Paul and Alex Cherry







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